At Home

A refined blend containing 100% Arabica coffee carefully selected from the best Central America’s and Brasil’s plantations.

Unit 250g. grind – Ground


A blend with a strong and intense taste containing lovely Brazilian coffee, Central America coffee and Asiatic Robusta coffee that give body and aroma.

Unit 250g. grind – Ground


A blend with a rich and intense taste mostly containing Brazilian Arabica coffee. Caffeine content lower than 0,1%

Unit 250g. grind – Ground

Crema Bar

An equilibrated blend with an intense and strong taste mostly containing Asiatic Robusta and Brazilian Arabica coffee, that give body, sweet aromas with a smooth cream.

Unit 500g. grind or 500/1000g. coffee beans


A blend with a strong and determinate taste, full of aroma and body. A blend containing coffee coming from India and South-East of Asia.

Unit 250g. grind – Ground

Coffee Capsules and Filters

Brasil Moka offers a huge variety of ground coffee packaged in capsules and filters in a controlled atmosphere to guarantee the quality and the freshness of the product. From a 100% Arabica coffee with a sweet and delicate flavour to equilibrated blends with a strong flavour full of aroma to decaffeinated capsules.